Our Firm

Our company has been founded on 1954 by Mr. Angiolo Ciardi , actually his sons Valerio and Massimo are continuing as textile agents and consultants, Valerio since 1968, Massimo since 1975.

The activity has develop in the textile area of Prato, the most important in Europe for fabrics produced and variety of items.
Our area of business is interested to fabrics and yarns for industrial use as weaving and knitting for circular machines and fabrics for the production of pvc and polyurethane syntetic leather and moreover raw and dyed fabrics for man and woman’s clothes.
Our company can also work as import export company and buying office of any textile product included knit wear, sweaters and garments.
Considering our long experience in textile we are in position to work over Prato in all textile areas in italy and abroad.